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K&N's - a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan's Poultry Industry - started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition through poultry for Health and Happiness of the Nation.  History
Achari Kofta
Seekh Kabab Gatta Curry
Breakfast Sausage Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
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Lighter choice meals
Tender Pops Hot n' Sour Soup
Frankfurter Salad Platter
Mortadella Antipasto Platter
Recipes with Kababs
Chapli Kabab
Seekh Kabab
Shami Kabab
Kafta Kabab
Mughlai Tikka
Recipes with Breaded products
Burger Patties
Haray Bharay Nuggets®
Tender Pops®
Recipes with Deline®
Breakfast Sausage
Frankfurter Sausage
Jumbo Frank Sausage
Mortadella Slices
Pepperoni Slices
Recipes with Chunks®
Chicken Tikka Chunks
Recipes with Samosa
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Preparing chicken
Thawing frozen chicken
Cooking chicken
Serving chicken
Storing chicken and other food
Picnics and cookouts
Having guests over at home